From Hoosick to Holbrook. Albany to Adirondack. New Brunswick to New Paultz and all across the Greater NY-NJ area tonight while the NFL draft will be interesting I dare say most tv's will be tuned into the best event in sport. game 7 and we get 2 of them.

In Florida hall of fame golie Martin Brodeur tries to take down the Florida panthers and keep the season going for the Jersey Devils. At age 39 and soon to be 40 there is no question in my mind that Brodeur's best days are far behind him, as I also believe that his numbers are more a part of the boring system that his team played for years then his brilliance..He is no Patrick Roy that's for sure..Having said that he is going to the Hall of Fame and has a big advantage over his counterpart tonight be that Scott Clemmenson who filled in for the ailing Jose Theodore in game 6, a game the Devs won in OT 3-2.

Shame on the Panthers for their performance. Through 2 periods they mustered all of 10 shots and didn't get a power play until 4 minutes gone in the 3rd. Another words they didn't force the play despite having a game to play with. Theodore missed the game with a groin injury but goletending wasn't the issue for Florida. The Panthers have their championship pedegree working as well. Scott Versteeg and Brian Campbell won the cup with Chicago just 2 years ago.

Meanwhile at what should be a rocking Madison Square Garden it's the decider between the top seed Rangers and the 8th seed Ottawa Senators. make no mistake, and I say this as  Ranger fan, when you finish 1st in the conference you have to win round 1 or the season is a bust. Having said that i am thinking many Ranger fans looked past Ottawa. I did not. I picked the rangers to win but said the Sens are no 8th seed. They play tough, fast, hard, and have much talent. They have proven me right.

The Garden last hosted a game 7 back in the glory Cup run of 1994 as the Rangers beat vancouver to win it all. Home is nice but no sure thing for the home team. Just ask the Boston Bruins. the defending champs lost game 7 at Boston in OT last night to the Washington Capitals.

For Ranger fans it will be interesting to watch golie Henrik Lundqvist, who seemed to be talking about craxy theories after game 6 which the Rangers won 3-2. The Sens made the score close with a controversial late goal that King Henry claimed was kicked in by Jason Spezza. Seeing 2 replays from different angles I still don't know if it was or wasn't. Lundqvist claimed after that the NHL wanted Ottawa to hang around. No chance King. The NHL unlike the NBA where conspiracy theories rule and for good reason has no such thing, plus you play in the #1 market. Lundqvist needs to have his focus on the puck not on the refs or black helicopters tonight.

I have ripped the NHL for not staggering the start times of games. Tonight they did all us Hockey fans a favor. The Rangers game starts at 7pm, the Devils at 8.30pm.

So let's go. 2 game 7's for New York-New Jersey hockey fans to savor unless they come up short then game 7 will be misery for us fans!