Roberto Luongo was more inconsistent in the Stanley Cup Final than LeBron James was in the NBA Finals.

The Boston Bruins captured the Stanley Cup with a 4-0 win in Game 7 against the Vancouver Canucks.  Roberto Luongo's inconsistent play was the great mystery of the Stanley Cup Final.  The Vancouver goalie was fantastic at times and brutal at others.

Luongo shutout the Bruins in Game 1 and Game 5 in Vancouver.  However, Luongo gave up 15 goals in three games against the Bruins in Boston.  He also gave up three early goals in Game 7. 

It was a baffling performance that was much more inconsistent than LeBron James' performance in the NBA Finals.  Luongo showed flashes of brilliance.  You can't say that about LeBron's performance against the Dallas Mavericks.