The Rangers have played a seven game series in four of their last six playoff rounds, spanning back to last season. In the Eastern Conference Finals, should we expect to go the distance once again? 

"I think it goes seven, I really do," said former Rangers captain Dave Maloney, to Armen and Levack, on 104.5 The Team. "[Ben] Bishop is a little bit like Holtby. He could be, hopefully for their franchise, that he could carry them. We know exactly what we’re getting in Lundqvist.

"I really like blue lines. They don’t shy from the physical play but they’re more efficient in thinking their way through situations and moving the puck quickly. Up front, both of them like to go after it. This could go seven and I like the home ice advantage. If it goes seven, you have to like the Rangers given their track record."

For whatever reason, the Rangers are one of the best of all-time at playing with their backs against the wall, which is good, because it could likely happen again within the next two weeks.


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