For an adolescent kid, few years are more important for the growth, and their future, than their years spent in high school.

Academically, high school is what puts students "on the map" for prospective universities or trade schools. Outside of the classroom, students hone their skills in sports and clubs, carving out interests that may last the rest of their lives. What's more, high school is a prime opportunities for kids to develop social skills, and make friends that will stick with them through their adult years.

Now, with so much riding on those four years, as a parent, wouldn't you want to know that the institution your kid is attending, is the best in the area?

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There are few websites on the Internet that are better resources for concerned and/or curious parents, than Niche. This online database allows students, parents, employees and residents to give ratings on specific schools, companies and neighborhoods.

In the case of schools, these institutions are graded based on a number of different aspects of the academic experience, including curriculum, faculty, extra-curricular activities, food and much more.

When it comes to public high schools in the Capital Region, a few rise up above the rest. Only three, though, carry A+ ratings on Niche, but, here are the top ten overall.

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