The Peyton Manning story was supposed to be the perfect one.

He was supposed to win the Super Bowl and then ride off into the sunset as the perfect champion: The picture of perfection.

However, this weekend Manning's name was brought about as part of a Title IX lawsuit against the University of Tennessee. Six unidentified women are suing the University and the lawsuit alleges this, according to

The University of Tennessee "deliberately created [and creates] a hostile discriminatory sexual environment for female students" and "acted with deliberate indifference in response to incidents of sexual assault."

Back in 1996, Manning allegedly put his bare genitals on the face of a Tennessee trainer. The case was settled and ended with the dismissal of the trainer and a payment of $300,000 and some Tennessee memorabilia.

Manning's involvement in the lawsuit is small. Because the case was settled, do not expect legal action to come against him. His inclusion is simply to show a pattern of behavior and mistreatment at the University.

To learn the full story, we brought in radio host Jeff Jacoby in Knoxville.

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