The New York Giants enter the "Legal Tampering" period of Free Agency with plenty of needs. Top of the list is a Wide Receiver and an Edge Rusher. So far Big Blue's Big Move has been adding a second string running back and depth at the interior of the defensive line. Meanwhile, the New England Patriots are signing anyone with a pulse and the Jets have added exactly what the Giants need, a wide receiver and edge rusher. Giants fans are understandably upset but is there still time and players left to make them happy and more importantly make the Giants winners?

Earlier today we spoke to Tom Rock of Newsday who was also underwhelmed by the Giants moves. Oddly enough right at the end of our talk reports came out that the Giants and Leonard Williams had agreed on a 3 year $63 million deal which will clear up about $8-9 million in cap space. Even with that being said I think listening to Tom Rock explain why he and many Giants fans have issues with general manager Dave Gettleman and the way the team is handling this offseason.

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The bright side is even though it's a few days late and a couple million short the Giants got the Leonard Williams deal done. Now if they can come to terms with Nate Solder and free up more cap space the Giants can still salvage free agency. No matter what the draft will be crucial to the Giants success in the 2021 season.

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