Today on Mike and Mike, Mike Golic and Ian Fitzsimmons broke down the Philadelphia Eagles choice to cut QB Tim Tebow.

Tebow has now a free agent again after Eagle head coach Chip Kelly said that Tebow, "...was not good enough to be a 3rd-string QB on this team."  Golic sounded off and agreed with Kelly.

"It's as simple as this, Tim Tebow is a nice guy, but a lot of nice guy's get cut in this league," Golic said. "The fact is Tim Tebow is not good enough.  [He] is not good enough to make this team."

Prior to his release, it seemed as though Tebow would make the Eagles squad after the team had traded QB Matt Barkley to the Arizona Cardinals.

With this latest speedbump in Tebow's career, does he still have a chance to play QB in the league?  Where does Tebow go from here?  Feel free to let us know what you think on Facebook and Twitter at @1045theTeam.

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