I’m not sure what necessitates a ticket tape parade these days, but I think Albany has earned the right to celebrate. Grab some sparklers, party poppers, and champagne, because we are officially slightly less rat infested than we were this time last year.

Pest-control company Orkin released its 2022 edition of the Top 50 Rattiest Cities. From September 1, 2021 to August 31, 2022, Orkin tracked cities by how many new rodent treatments were performed. New York landed four cities on the list.


A rat outdoors

So the bad news: Albany ranked #34 in America for most rambunctious rodents. The good news: we dropped down three cities since last year! We’re right between Champaign, IL and Louisville, KY. Albany was the only city in New York to make the list that had a decrease on the Rattiest list.

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Where are the rats going? Are they hiding in the Central Warehouse? Are they moving to Texas and Florida so they don’t have to pay income tax? [Insert your own Cuomo joke here.] Are they moving to the City to split rent on a co-op? (This might actually be the most likely option, actually.)

Who Would Win: NY Style Pizza Rat or Chicago Deep Dish Rat?

NYC leap-frogged (leap-ratted?) LA to end up at number two. The subway rats must be getting more powerful off of all the pizza. Buffalo climbed two spots to be the States’ 39th rattiest, and Syracuse is up four to 42.

Chicago took top honors for the eighth year in a row. If they make it a decade, they should hang a banner in the United Center. Orkin says the best ways to prevent rodent infestation are by always sealing up food or storage, decluttering, and maintaining your landscaping.

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