New York Jets quarterback Geno Smith is facing some criticism following his tweet hours after his team's loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Smith tweeted out "Mama told me stay patient. Amen, I said". The Jets' record now stands at 1-4  and some fans have blamed the Jets' lack of success on current quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick. Today during Levack and Goz I felt it was necessary to remind people how necessary it is to be able to back up what you may post on social media. This goes for any athlete, coach, manager or front office member. The same goes for broadcasters as well. Zach (@byesline) and myself (@TomGozz) defended some of our tweets from our official Twitter accounts today during the segment "Defend Your Tweet" Some of the social media posts were much easier to defend than others. Leave a comment or tweet directly at us if we missed some tweets that need to be defended in the future.