Last night during the NFL’s Opening Night event, I ran into Barstool Sports’ PFT Commenter. PFT along with his co-host Dan “Big Cat” Katz are co-hosts of one the most popular sports podcasts in the country: Pardon My Take. Today the New York Post covered a story that PFT along with his boss Dave Portnoy were escorted out of the event

Before I hit the road for Atlanta I was told by my sister I had to do my best to talk to one of these two guys.


The Goz Collection
The Goz Collection


Why is my sister saved in my contacts as “Magic”? She once told me that “Magic” was way too cool of a nickname for just one person to have in sports. (She might have a good point). Since then I have called her the “Magic Johnson of Crossfit”. Anyways, below is the story of what happened involving myself and PFT last night.

Should I have tried to apologize? Was the damage already done? Will everyone from Barstool Sports ignore me in 2020? Let us know your thoughts on the story below.


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