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5:57pm The 2019 Heisman Trophy finalists have arrived. LSU quarterback Joe Burrow Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields Oklahoma quarterback Jalen Hurts Ohio State defensive end Chase Young. First question was what has the last twenty hours have been like? Jalen Hurts had the best answer as he exprssed his love for Junior's cheesecake.

6:04 Joe Burrow has answered questions about LSU Heisman watch parties, SpongeBob SquarePants socks, and game day traditions. All a first since I've covered the event. What is not a first is the classic "should athletes be compensated/paid" question..

6:17 The 2019 Heisman Trophy finalists with the trophy


6:30pm The first media scrum I hopped in on was with Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields. Most of the questions focused on Fields' decision to leave Georgia for Ohio State.  Many football fans may remember Fields was the number one player in the country before leaving the Bulldogs for the Buckeyes.

6:32pm. Seated just one table over was his teammate Chase Young. The first thing that can not be ignored is his size. Five years doing this and NO candidate is bigger or more build than Chase Young. Young discussed the goals he and the coaching staff had him this season. Not even he nor the coaches had "Heisman finalist" as a goal. Fields and Young are the only two offensive and defensive teammates to be finalist for the Heisman in the same season.

6:34pm Jalen Hurts' focus is on finishing the job in this year's college football playoff. I'm always confused when reporters/media members discuss Hurt's "struggles". Hurts has carved out one of the most successful  careers in college football history. He likely may be the only quarterback to be a part of FOUR college football playoff teams as a quarterback.

6:37pm. Again for perspective here, Joe Burrow and Jabrill Peppers are the most engaging players that I have covered (that includes Baker Mayfield). Burrow discussed topics ranging from game plan, recruiting, coaching, the college football playoff and legacy. One reporter noted that Joe Burrow committed to LSU the same day the only other LSU Heisman winner Billy Cannon passed away. Burrow said events like seem far more than coincidental.

6:45pm-Time for the media dinner! I''ll be back here at 845pm for Heisman recap along with posting this year's voting results.

8:43pm All four Heisman finalists have been interviewed on ESPN. The past Heisman Trophy winners will now take the stage before this year's announcement.

8:55  LSU quarterback Joe Burrow is named the 2019 Heisman Trophy winner

Burrow's results were historic. 93.8% of total possible points is a new Heisman record. Named on 95.47% of ballots which is a new Heisman record. 90.7% first place votes a new Heisman record. 1,846 more points than runner up Jalen Hurts, the largest margin of victory in Heisman Trophy history.

9:45pm Joe Burrow handled questions flawlessly. Discussed his teammates, playoff goals, plans for tonight and even international media attention. The past four years the coach of the wining player has addressed the media. No sign of Coach O yet.

9:51pm Joe Burrow with the Heisman Trophy.

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good night and thanks for following along with this year's coverage.

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