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6:00pm: All three finalists, Bryce Love, Lamar Jackson and Baker Mayfield




Mayfield says some of the past winners he is looking forward to speaking with again are Archie Griffin and Eddie George. Bryce Love notes his favorite is Lamar Jackson who is sitting next to him.

Five questions in and the first "Talk About" question has been issued. Some one bring out the fine car. (Please if you are young broadcaster, don't use the phrase "talk about" during a press conference)

Bryce Love tells the media how happy he is to be here. It's a strange situation that both guys he is sitting next to were both here last season.

Baker Mayfield and Bryce Love says Lamar Jackson without a doubt has the best fashion. Jackson says they are liars and laughs them off.

6:10pm 1 on 1 sessions with the media up next:  Less than two hours away before the ESPN TV ceremony hits the air. 







6:15: Talking with Lamar Jackson

6:20pm: Bryce Love 1 on1 



I actually over heard the first two questions to Bryce Love. If people wonder why the media does not give the Pac 12 enough credit, it may be because of the strange questions they ask the athletes. I still remember two years the first questions a reporter asked Christian McCaffrey was weather or not college athletes should be paid. Two years later a reporter (and he was serious) asked if Bryce Love would consider transferring to Columbia or Yale to play football. He believed since he was Biology major that his degree would go farther and he could be the face of the Ivy League..... ok then. Bryce of all three athletes seemed to be enjoying the process the most.

6:25pm. Baker Mayfield 1 on1 

One of my favorite shots of each Heisman session is to get a far shot of how many media members are around the presumed favorite. 


Most of the Mayfield questions were centered around legacy. "What would it mean to win the award?" "Who have you talked to about the legacy of the award?"


6:50pm: Dinner Time! I'll be back with around 855 with more updates then. 


8:00pm: ESPN broadcast is officially under way. We will hear from the 2017 Heisman Trophy winner and his head coach following the ESPN broadcast. 

8:55pm: The 2017 winner of the Heisman Trophy is Oklahoma Quarterback Baker Mayfield 



 Baker Mayfield says it's special to be a part of the legacy of Oklahoma quarterbacks that have won the Heisman trophy before him. Mayfield says he could not even imagine the feeling he has now of winning the trophy. Lamar Jackson told him "not to cry" when he got up there. Mayfield joking around said "are you serious?" 


9:47pm: Oklahoma Coach Lincoln Riley talking to the media. Coach believes the key to Mayfield's success was staying hungry and continuing to listen to coaching. 

9:54pm Again your 2017 Heisman Trophy winner Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield. Thanks for following along tonight. We will be back Monday to break down more on Levack and Goz 2-7pm on 1045 The Team 

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