The Green Bay Packers wore some interesting, possibly atrocious, throwback uniforms against the San Francisco 49ers in Week 13.

The Packers beat the 49ers on Sunday 34-16 in their 1929 championship season throwback uniforms.

Originally, I thought these uniforms looked unbelievably horrible.  I still do, but one thing made me soften my stance on these particular throwbacks.  The Packers painted their helmets brown to mimic the leather helmets that were used back then.  That's awesome.

This story also made me think about the best and worst NFL uniforms right now. 

I vote for the Oakland Raiders having the best uniforms.  Silver & Black, it looks sharp, it looks intimidating, and it completely fits the outlaw style of the Raiders.

The worst?  The Cleveland Browns.  Come on.  They're plain, boring uniforms.  They don't even have a logo on their helmets.  This isn't college.  This is the NFL.  No decals to go along with Cleveland's boring uniforms puts the Browns at the top of my list.