It's still too early to know for sure one way or the other if New England Patriots' Tight End Rob Gronkowski will retire or return to the NFL, but when he's done he'll still be a star. Gronk appeared on "The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon" last night and his charisma, charm and relatability is off the charts. There's a ton of speculation for what the future holds for Gronk so here are my suggestions.

Gronk tells two stories in the interview that stand out to me. First the story of how a fan cut his head open with a flying beer can. Second the story of Julian Edelman getting him pumped up in the huddle. I can totally see him adding color to any football broadcast especially Monday Night Football on ESPN or taking the Michael Strahan route. Imagine Gronk hosting game shows and daytime talk shows. Right now the thought is if he does decide to retire from the NFL Movie star or new champ in the WWE. No matter what it's hard for me to see a world in which Rob Gronkowski quietly fades into the background.

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