I like John Oliver. It pretty much tells it like it is and doesn't pull any punches so I knew it was just a matter of time before he set his sights on Governor Cuomo. Last night was that time.

On last night's episode of Last Week Tonight With John Oliver, the show opened with an entire segment on Governor Cuomo where John Oliver referred to him as a "Colossal Asshole". He covered everything from Como's press conferences to the book that he wrote about his leadership during the pandemic while the pandemic was still raging and of course the nursing home scandal that is now being investigated by the federal government. John Oliver also touched on the sexual harassment claims against Governor Cuomo too. Hmmm maybe "touched" isn't the right word....instead let's say he talked about the claims against the governor.

You can watch the entire segment from last night's John Oliver episode below.

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Out of everything that John Oliver brought up in this scathing piece on Cuomo the part that absolutely made me shake my head in unbelief was the made-up quotes from a made-up person that Cuomo used during his press conferences. Do you remember seeing quotes thrown up during his Covid Press Conferences from A.J. Parkinsons? Well, I do and I assumed that it was some famous New Yorker that I just didn't know about. Nope, he's totally made up and is some kind of nod to Andrew Cuomo's father. So during the worst pandemic in our lifetime, Governor Cuomo is trying to put cute little jokes into his press conferences?  People are dying by the thousands and Cuomo thinks it's appropriate to sneak jokes into his press conferences? I really liked Cuomo's leadership and presidential air about him especially during the early days of the pandemic, but now I'm thinking that John Oliver is right, he is a "Colossal Asshole".



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