Jim Kelly battled through plenty on the football field.  Injuries, big hits, cold weather and losing four straight Super Bowl.  But nothing like losing his son Hunter to Krabbe disease in 2005.  And now, nothing on the football field compares to the Hall of Famer's recent battle with jaw cancer.

Kelly will undergo surgery this Friday due to cancer in his upper jaw bone.  The cancer is thankfully isolated and hasn't spread to other parts of his body.   Doctors expect Kelly to make a smooth recovery.

Kelly has had an array of health issues the last few years.  The Hall of Famer has had surgery three times to correct neck, back and hernia issues.

Kelly also had what he described as a nickel-sized cyst removed from his gums and nasal cavity, a procedure that required doctors to pull out Kelly's front teeth.

Kelly spent 11 seasons with the Buffalo Bills and was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2002.  He holds the franchise record for passing yards, touchdowns and 300-yard games.

By:  Mike Lindsley, "Mid-Day with Mike," 1-4, Yankees pre/post game host on 104.5 The Team ESPN Radio.  Follow him on Twitter @MikeLSports.  

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