It is now clear that this year's NFL Draft will be very different than we're used to. With the pandemic outbreak of COVID-19 the NFL will be forced to have all teams and players be in remote locations. Teams will either be at their facilities or a safe and legal location. While players will most likely be in their own living rooms surrounded by family. So one Sport Book decided to offer odds on everything from what family member will get the first hug to how many dogs will we see.

These odds are a little out there and could be a sign of just how desperate we've all become for entertainment OR this could be the fun you've been looking for. I'm not here to judge.

They’re courtesy of BetOnline (, Twitter: @betonline_ag).

Who will No. 1 overall pick hug first?

Mom                             5/4

Dad                              5/2

Girlfriend                       3/1

Friend                           7/1

Sibling                          7/1

Highest number of people in same room

Over/Under                                           9½

Total dogs shown during the first round

Over/Under                                           3½

Total cats shown during the first round

Over/Under                                           ½

Will any draftee experience local technical difficulties?

Yes      -300     (1/3)

No        +200     (2/1)

Will any first round draftee put on the wrong team hat?

Yes      +300     (3/1)

No        -500     (1/5)

Will any draftee be shown drinking beer?

Yes      +700     (7/1)

No        -2000   (1/20)

Will any draftee pop champagne?

Yes      +600     (6/1)

No        -1700   (1/17)


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