When Levack and I were out on Radio Row in San Francisco, we caught up with Giants OL Geoff Schwartz, who said he thought the Broncos would beat the Panthers in Super Bowl 50.

Schwartz was right, as the Broncos topped Carolina, 24-10. Schwartz joined us today to talk about what surprised him during the game, how Denver won and then he broke down Cam Newton's post-game press conference etiquette.

Furthermore, we talked to Schwartz about his health and his plans for the season ahead in 2016. We also asked Schwartz about Cam Newton's decision to not go after the fumble late in the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl.

What was his reaction to that? Also, as an offensive lineman, how can he offset the effect of a great edge rusher like Von Miller? Can you even do anything schematically to stop him?

LISTEN HERE: Schwartz joins us each week.

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