The Mohawk Hudson Humane Society has taken in over 100 animals rescued from a house in Troy. With such a massive influx of animals all the Humane Society needs your help. These animals need medical help and just day to day needs that come with any pet.

According to an article in the Times Union the pets have some serious needs:

All of the cats and dogs are infested with fleas and worms, and many were scratching themselves incessantly when they arrived at the shelter, Mohawk Hudson Humane Society spokeswoman Marguerite Pearson said.


Some of those animals also suffered hair loss as a result of the fleas and many of the dogs were covered in encrusted feces, she said. All of the pets have been treated for fleas and worms, and are now in a clean environment, which will provide some relief, Pearson said.


Many of the cats have severe eye infections and some of them will likely undergo surgery to have eyes removed, she said. The shelter's veterinary staff have triaged the animals and are giving them individual exams, while other staff members work at the home to rescue more cats and birds.

Here is the Wish list for the Humane Society.
Below are the items we can use most right now. Cash donations are always appreciated as well.
Stretch  & Scratch post for cats:
String cheese- we use a lot and can freeze it.
Nylon 6’ leashes
Tuffy Toys


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