UFC Men's Flyweight and Bantamweight Champion Henry Cejudo is trying to figure out who his next fight will be and he's basically open to fighting just about anyone. That means he's "Down" to fight UFC Women's Featherweight and Bantamweight Champion Amanda Nunes.

In an interview with TMZ Sports Cejudo expressed an interest in fighting whoever wins the Fankie Edgar Vs. Max Holloway Featherweight Championship fight at UFC 240 Saturday, July 27th. However he also said he's a "Gold digger" and wants to fight anyone who has gold including Nunes and even Valentina Shevchenko the UFC Women's Flyweight Champion.

Many will say Cejudo is just having fun but it looks a little to me like he likes he likes the spotlight so much he would take the fight. Now all of this being said there is absolutely no chance Dana White allows this fight but it's fun to dream.

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