Jon Jones' Fights Are Boring...There I Said It!
It is clear that Jon Jones is a great fighter but his fights are boring. Seven of his last ten fights went were decided by the judges and this last one was possibly wrong. Is it possibly Jones is so good even he's bored?
Conor McGregor Punches Man Over Whiskey [VIDEO]
If there was ever an athlete that may need to get back to his sport it has to be UFC/MMA star Conor McGregor. McGregor has had nothing but trouble since his last UFC fight, well to be honest he was no stranger to trouble when he was fighting but it seems to be far worse now that he has free time on …
UFC Insider Mike Heck On UFC 239 [AUDIO]
UFC 239 was supposed to be all about the two headliners, Amanda Nunes and Jon "Bones" Jones but Jorge Masvidal stole the show. Flo Combat's Mike Heck joined Levack and Goz to explain just how big a win Masvidal had and what it means for his future.
Conor McGregor Retires Early Tuesday Morning
Conor McGregor has gone from an unknown plumber in Ireland to one of the most popular athletes in the world in about a decade. McGregor's skill in the Octagon and brash over the top personality rocketed him to the top of the Mixed Martial Arts world but that appears to be over. Just hours after…

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