Last time I was at Henry's I learned how to make their top-selling risotto. This time I went for an American classic - the perfect burger and fries.

Get your laughing out of the way up front, everyone. As you know if you've been listening to the show, up until now, I had only ever eaten well-done burgers. That's how my family did it and that's just what I knew. All of that changed after my trip back to Henry's where their chef Billy showed me exactly how much I have been missing.

Henry's sources its 100% grass-fed beef from a local farm, so it is fresh and tastes great. Every burger is cooked to order so you get exactly what you want. For me, that meant making my first-ever medium burger and it was a total revelation. You can watch me try it in the video below, but let me get right to the point: it tasted so good it was like trying a new, amazing food for the first time. It wasn't just a good burger, it completely changed how I even think about burgers. No joke.

Henry's Tavern

It's not just about cooking the meat perfectly though. They also have fresh toppings, choice of cheeses, lightly-toasted buns and fries straight out of the fryer. The Henry's Tavern Burger is a full meal and now I'm going to be able to make it myself. Well, ok, maybe I'm giving myself too much credit.  I will be able to make a burger, but if I want the real deal, I'm coming back to Henry's.

If you're looking for somewhere to eat for Father's Day or maybe a graduation dinner, you're going to love the food here. If they can teach someone like me to make a great burger, just think how good yours will be when it's just them making it.

Ok, I know this isn't exactly part of making the perfect hamburger, but bear with me. While we were shooting this video, I got a phone call from someone back at the radio station. Let's just say the timing could not have been any worse or maybe not any better if you like a laugh. It was so good we left it in the video.

This is my second time inside the Henry's kitchen, so I should know my way around a little more, right? Well, I still made a little bit of a fool of myself, but at least some of what I learned from Josh stuck around and I got to put it to good use. Check out the whole video of me learning how to cook here: