Ready to explore the unexplained in Upstate New York? One of History Channel's longest running shows has announced they're stopping in the Capital Region this fall for a special live show.

Running since 2009 and currently in the middle of its 18th season, this show has become a cult classic. If you're ready to lean into the enigmatic, this is definitely something you'll have to see. When they come, I hope they look into who really built the Corning Tower. Face it: that building has to have some design beyond Earth.

What History Channel Show is Coming to the Capital Region?

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Mills Entertainment

Ancient Aliens Live: Project Earth will bring UFO science and history to Schenectady in November. The ninety minute, fully interactive conversation features a full cast of the History Channel show's contributors and experts. Ancient Aliens is currently in its 18th season on History Channel, running since 2009.

The live show will be led by Ancient Aliens' leading expert on ancient astronauts Giorgio A. Tsoukalos. He's traveled around the world to most of Earth's mysterious ancient sites to conduct research, and if you don't know him from the show, you probably know him from this meme:

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The rest of the panel consists of adventurer David Childress, investigative mythologist William Henry, UFO investigator for the UK Ministry of Defense Nick Pope, and aerospace engineer Dr. Travis Taylor. The show promises to cover fan-favorite topics from Ancient Aliens, including the moon, Ancient Egypt, and extraterrestrial influence on religion and spirituality.

Ancient Aliens Live: Project Earth will come to Proctor's MainStage on Sunday November 20 at 7:30p. Mega-fans can also get a special VIP package that includes a photograph with Tsoukalos and the Ancient Aliens team after the show. Tickets go on sale Friday, August 12 at 10a on Proctor's site, box office, or by phone at 518-346-6204.

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