In the hills and valleys of Upstate New York, drivers are bound to see animals running across the road every now and then. Most times, drivers are able to slow down or swerve out of the way of the oncoming animal, but sometimes, they aren't that lucky.

When it comes to collisions with animals on roadways, no season is more dangerous than the fall, according to a study referenced in a New York Upstate article. Just how likely, though, are New York drivers to get into these unfortunate situations this autumn?

The odds may be in our favor more than you'd expect.

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Study: New Yorkers Have These Odds to Be Involved in Fall Animal Collisions

Data released by State Farm detailed the odds of every driver, in every state in the country, to be involved in a collision with an animal during the fall season. Their data asserts that New Yorkers have a 1 in 144 chance of striking an animal with their car each fall.

Though those figures may seem high, the Empire State is far from the riskiest state when it comes to these types of accidents.

Moose crossing road sign

West Virginia drivers have a 1 in 38 chance of colliding with an animal during the fall, the least favorable odds of any state in the nation. Following West Virginia in the "top-five" for this category. is Montana (1/53), Pennsylvania (1/59), Michigan (1/60), and Wisconsin (1/60).

Meanwhile, here is how the rest of the Northeast region stacks up against New York:

  • New York (1/144)
  • Massachusetts (1/109)
  • Connecticut (1/267)
  • Vermont (1/110)
  • New Hampshire (1/169)
  • Rhode Island (1/96)
  • New Jersey (1/213)

The roads are very clear in Hawaii, apparently, as you only have a 1 in 710 chance of striking an animal with your car in that state.

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