The holiday season is fully upon us, and as we get closer to Christmas and Hanukkah, most of us are in the middle of completing our holiday shopping.

Shopping for the holidays is definitely a chore, and often a pricey chore at that, but is done out of love and brings joy and happiness to those people in your life with which you are closest. Whether you choose to give a physical gift, a gift card, money or an experience (tickets, hopefully), it's often the thought that counts in situations like these.

As is always the case, each year brings about new crop of popular gifts, and in 2022, one gift has emerged as New York's most popular.

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Google Trends Data Reveals New York's Most Popular Present

Research done by online shopping resource Rakuten broke down the most in-demand Christmas gifts in America in 2022, and presented the information for each individual state. The website used Google Trends data to identify the gifts that were being searched for online most often, and separated the data by state before publishing their findings.

Rakuten found that, based on Google Trends, the Dyson Airwrap proved to be the most in-demand item in four states across the US; Alabama, New York, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. The Airwrap is a hand-held hair styling and curling device that gained popularity by going viral on TikTok earlier this year.

A screenshot from a Dyson Airwrap tutorial video (YouTube / Dyson)
A screenshot from a Dyson Airwrap tutorial video (YouTube / Dyson)

New York's most in-demand present was also one of America's most popular presents. Here are the most in-demand presents, as ranked by the amount of states that were identified as having it as their most popular.

  1. PlayStation 5 (13 states)
  2. Nintendo Switch (10 states)
  3. Apple iPad (7 states)
  4. Apple AirPods (6 states)
  5. Xbox Series X (5 states)
  6. Dyson Airwrap (4 states)
  7. Apple MacBook (2 states)
  8. All other presents tied with one state each
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A young shopper carrying out her Playstation 5 / Getty Images

Here are the most in-demand presents for other states around New York:

  • Connecticut: Xbox Series X
  • Massachusetts: Xbox Series X
  • Vermont: Macbook Air
  • Pennsylvania: Dyson Airwrap
  • New Jersey: Nintendo Switch
  • New Hampshire: Nintendo Switch

Creativity is always encouraged when shopping for your loved ones during the holidays, but if you find yourself without any good ideas, odds are, they may be looking for one of these items.

Get 'em quickly, though, as most of these items won't be in-stock for much longer!

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