The final MLB mock drafts continue to come out and this morning I saw one draft expert projecting Shen star Ian Anderson to go No. 12 to the Red Sox, while one had him going No. 18 to the Yankees.

While Anderson has an interesting choice ahead of him about whether or not to sign professionally or go to college at Vanderbilt, I don't think it's a difficult choice for the lanky right-hander.

After interviewing him last week, I got the impression that he was ready to sign professionally and that was backed up by Anderson's comments to MLB Daily Dish this week.

"I think I'm ready for pro baseball. It's just going to depend on whether its the right opportunity for me. Hopefully that plays itself out and it's not too tough of a choice. It's been tough, weighing the pros and cons of both. I think I've wrapped myself around it pretty well, so I'm definitely prepared going into this week."

Listen to my interview with Anderson last Friday:

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