Iconic! Food Network Praises a Tasty Shake Made at the Snowman in Troy

Is it too soon to start wishing for warm days, mild nights, and long lines at our favorite ice cream spots in the Capital Region?  It might be for some, but not me.  I can literally eat ice cream every single day of the week, and in all forms, because I am not picky.  Hard, soft, in a sundae, scooped onto a sugar cone, dipped in sprinkles, made into a cookie sandwich or into a shake, if it's made with ice cream, I'm going to eat it!

More praise for the legendary Snowman in Troy

In a GNA poll taken over the summer looking for the Capital Region's best ice cream places, The Snowman in Troy ranked #2 in the area, so it's no secret how much it's beloved.

Currently closed for the season, the popular Troy ice cream spot has been serving up cool, creamy treats since the 1950s, and one of their specialty menu items, the Boston Shake, was featured in a Food Network article giving them "iconic" praise.

Snowman Ice Cream Facebook Page
Snowman Ice Cream Facebook Page

Here's what the Food Network said about the Boston Shake at the Snowman in Troy!

The list is great, and features where to find some of New Yorks's most beloved foods like tomato pie, beef on weck, cheesecake, bagels, chicken wings, and the Boston Shake at the Snowman in Troy!

"It’s a specialty at the Troy summertime favorite, the Snowman. Since the early 1950s, the seasonal ice cream stand has made incredible hard-packed homemade ice cream in a variety of flavors, from classic vanilla and mint chip, to Blue Moon and salty caramel. The Boston Shake combines a traditional milkshake and a hot fudge sundae. Each one starts with any flavor shake, layered with a scoop of ice cream, rich hot fudge, airy whipped cream and a cherry on top."

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