The Mets are down 2-0 in the World Series but are heading back home to Citi Field. How confident should Mets fans be?

How much does home field really matter in baseball? To answer, we brought in Detroit Tigers star Joe Nathan.

Nathan, who is recovering from Tommy John Surgery, also gave us an update on his health as he heads toward 2016.

Nathan will know more about his future in the next two weeks, as the Tigers should decide whether or not to accept his club option for 2016.

In addition to asking about home field, we spoke with Nathan about the Mets rotation and its future, as well as the rehab process taken by David Wright to get back to an elite level.

Finally, I had to ask a baseball-nerd question: He's played with and against Miguel Cabrera, just how good is he up close?

And lastly, I asked a similar question about Torii Hunter, who retired earlier this week.

Listen here:

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