The question marks the Yankees had with their starting pitching are being answered. The starting rotation is becoming much more than Gerrit Cole and the rest. Corey Kluber and Domingo German are both 4-2 and pitching great right now. Kluber threw a no-hitter, and Herman follows with seven dominate innings on Thursday against Texas. Starting pitching can mask an offense that has yet to fire on all cylinders and that is currently still a case for the Yankees. If they are able to get this type of production from the rotation and eventually the offense gets back to where it has been in the past, this is the Yankees World Series team that we may have been waiting for.

Tim Kurkjian gives his take on all the happenings in Major League Baseball from the week from the surplus of no-hitters to the controversy surrounding one Tony LaRussa. Listen above and see his answers outlined below:

  • The number of No-hitters does not dilute the achievement however it is not healthy for the game that it is this hard to get a hit. That is where the game is at the moment though and it the onus is on the hitters' approach to change. Tim also says it is the hardest time to get a hit in all the time he has been covering the sport.
  •  Tim doesn't mind a guy swinging 3-0 but the problem here is the manager gave the take sign. It may be old school but if the manager tells you not to swing, you shouldn't swing!

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