This Saturday, ESPN's popular Saturday morning show, College Gameday, broadcasts live from Jacksonville, Florida, Jacksonville each year hosts what was formerly known as "The World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party" between the SEC's Florida Gators and Georgia Bulldogs. I was in attendance for this game in 2015 and it was incredible experience. Fans from both schools camp out days in advance in anticipation for kickoff. This was even without the hype of College Gameday being in town.

I've also been in attendance for College Gameday (basketball edition) when it visited Syracuse's Carrier Dome in 2010 for the Orange's matchup with Villanova.(check out a young me in the background)

ack and dixon 2
ack and dixon 3


In fact some of my groomsmen at my wedding had gone viral with this photo at 2014 for Syracuse-Duke.

ack and dixon 1
ack dixon 4


So with College Gameday at Jacksonville this weekend, we ask you this question: If you could pick one location to be a part of the College Gameday crowd, where would it be and why? Let us know below.

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