Podcast: Armen talks to CuseConfidential Publisher Ryan Murray:

The Syracuse basketball program is having the best season that the school has ever seen.

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At 22-0 and ranked number one in the country, what are the chances that 'Cuse runs the table this season?

Right now I don't think the odds are that great," said Ryan Murray, Publisher of CuseCorner.com. "In the next couple of weeks I think they're going to get tripped up."

The Orange still have road games against Duke, Virginia and Pittsburgh that won't be easy. Still, Syracuse is setting up to be the team to beat heading into March.

"It all goes back to Jim Boeheim and how he recruits his players. He loves to recruit guys who are going to be around for all four years and sprinkle in guys that will be around for a year or two and then go to the NBA."

Syracuse's next game is against Clemson on Sunday night at 6pm.

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