As we head into the New Year's weekend and mild temperature to kick off 2022, that could be the trend for the first few months of the year ahead.

As far as December's go, this one has been pretty lackluster when it comes to snowfall and fairly mild. Will that trend continue into 2022? Our updated winter weather outlook for the next few months says so.

According to the Weather Channel, most of the lower 48 states including the Northeast can expect "Near-average to slightly warmer temperatures" in January, February, and March. The trend is again being driven by the La Nina weather pattern over the Pacific Ocean which affects weather nationwide, which usually means milder temperatures in Upstate New York and the Northeastern United States In General.

After a fairly mild fall and December, this ould not be a shocking trend as warmer than normal has pretty much been the name of the weather game the last few months here in the Capital Region. This may be a positive for those who hate the winter snow, but for lovers of winter sports and more - it is a huge bummer.

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