Here is what I think is going to happen in Saturdays Wild Card match-ups. From the Action to the sidelines nothing is left to chance.


Green Bay Packers v Seattle Seahawks

New Orleans @ Seattle

The Game will be played in cold wintry conditions, I figured that out by looking at my calendar and realizing it is January. Nope no forecast need for this guy, just good old fashion deduction.

The Saints will lean on their passing game, after just putting Pier Thomas on the IR that makes two of their top rushers out for the count. Also with the fan contest (Be a Saints running back for a day) is producing mixed results. The saints will have to use their strong passing attack lead by Drew ( I have a mole on my face that looks like Australia ) Brees.

Finally Matt Hasselbeck will be given the key to city when he retires at half time do to not being effective for 5 years. A very common injury suffered by quarter backs in their late 30s.

New York @ Indianapolis

The Jets will be on their guard, but this is before they take the field. The Jets are in the middle of a sexual harassment scandal, and we all know the Jets love to talk. The whole team is worried about spilling the beans about Brett Favre Spilling his ummmm beans.

The colts will be learning each others names on the sideline with helpful (hello my name is) Stickers.  This team has been beat up all season injuries, plus a young defense make this team equivalent of your first year of summer camp. No matter what happens with this team there will be a lot of crying and “see you again” Next years.

Rex Ryan will come out decked out in “Tough Actin Tinactin” gear. This season hasn’t been all bad the Jets head coach has picked up his first sponsorship deal after his foot fetish came to light late last month. With all that extra money from the deal Rex plans on buying his wife socks, so she can slowly take them off.

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