The New York Yankees entered this season thinking that Lefty Greg Bird was finally going to live up to his potential and be the everyday First Baseman for the Bronx Bombers. Sadly it was another season of injury and underachieving for Bird. To make matters worse for Bird, the Yankees traded for former St Louis Cardinals first baseman  Luke Voit.

Luke Voit seemed like nothing special only playing 62 games for the Cards in 2017 and 8 games this season before being moved to the Yankees. Voit seized the opportunity here with the Yankees by becoming a cornerstone of the offense recently being named the American League Player of the Week.

So here's the question Brian Cashman, Aaron Boone and the Yankees need to answer after what we all hope will be a deep run into the post season, is Luke Voit the long term answer at first base? Here are the pluses: Voit in only 27 and wouldn't be a Free Agent until 2024, His power and intensity seem to feed his teammates. The negative is he hasn't proven he can do it consistently. I think the Yankees need to keep him but possibly keep an eye out for additional young talent to fill the void we're hoping a combination of Voit and Bird will fill.

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