The New York Knicks have begun their search for a new Head Coach and this is Scott Perry's first chance to prove he is the right man to run the front office. Marc Berman of the New York Post joined us to discuss who he believes is the favorite to land the job.

It was easy to hear in the way Berman spoke that he hopes former New York Knick Point Guard Mark Jackson is able to prove he's made the changes needed to get the job. There has been a ton of criticism of how Jackson handled the Golden State Warriors team. Everything from being overly aggressive to his coaching staff to homophobia. If he's figured out how to lead and leave those traits behind he might just be the right man for the job.

The other name that seemed to peak Berman's interest was David Fizzdale. Fizzdale also has perceived baggage. He was run out of Memphis after a power struggle with superstar Marc Gasol. What did he learn and who else will offer him a job? Stay tuned for all the updates leading up to the Knicks hiring the next head coach.

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