The New York Jets shocked the NFL world last night when they jumped all over the Detroit Lions in Detroit on their way to a 48 - 17 win. The Jets were a touchdown underdog and no one including myself was giving them a real chance of winning their season opener. Imagine all of our surprise when not only did the Jets win but following an interception for a touchdown on Sam Darnold's first ever NFL pass the Jets dominated all three phases of the game.

ESPN NY's Dan Graca hosts the pre and post game show for the Jets flagship station and we asked him if Sam Darnold is the real deal. Graca was quick to remind us that the Jets have had their share of QBs that look great in their first start and then spiral downward but even he had to admit, something does feel different here. Only time will tell if the Jets have found their franchise quarterback but last night was certainly a good start.


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