Penn State is known for great Linebackers and many other positions but Running Back is not one of those positions. There's a history of busts when teams take a running back too early but names like Ki Janna Carter, Curtis Ennis and Blair Thomas tend to scare pro teams away from PSU Backs.

Saquon Barkley is rumored to go as early as number one overall in to Cleveland and the New York Giants have shown interest at number two. So here's the gamble, will Barkley be the next Ki Jana Carter or a game changer? Looking back the best PSU running back in "recent history" is Seattle Seahawk Curt Warner. Warner was a three time pro bowler in his seven NFL seasons and ran for just under 7,000 yards. His career was cut short by injury but he was a legit number one back. Warner was the third pick in the 1983 draft. Only Hall of Famers John Elway and Eric Dickerson went before him.

Barkley will have tons of pressure on his shoulder pads. Can he shake off the stigma of the early selected running back bust? Here's the deal if he ends up on thee right team he'll be great if he ends up on a perennial loser he'll have the odds stacked against him and likely be labeled a bust. Honestly if Denver takes him he could have a Hall of Fame career. Cleveland has a history of squandering talent so for his sake I hope he slides dow nthe draft board or someone trades up to get him.

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