This weeks photo caption contest showed us a very interesting side of hockey.  Facebook fan Catherine Spann takes the honors this week with her caption, 'Is that your hockey stick, or are you just happy to see me?'

Hockey players like to fight, a lot.  It's a part of the game and we all love it.  Occasionally though, they can show each other a little affection.  The Philadelphia Flyers and New Jersey Devils seem to really like each other.  Pretty impressive that these two guys can put their differences aside.  The Beatles said it best, 'All you need is love'.

We had plenty of runners up for this one.  'Why can't I quit you' was one that we chuckled at.  That one inspired by 'Brokeback Mountain'.  Congratulations to Catherine Spann on her winning caption this week, and make sure to check back at the 104.5 The Team Facebook page on Monday for the next one.