The New England Patriots are on the ropes...again like every year. Is this the year they are actually regressing? Will they bounce back like normal and lay waste to the AFC on their way to another Super Bowl appearance? Michael Lombardi was part of the front office with the Patriots during the Dynasty and we ask him is it FINALLY OVER???

Lombardi just released his new book "Gridiron Genius: A Master Class In winning Championships And Building Dynasties In The NFL". I rarely get as excited to grab a book and read as this one. The guy has been part of three Super Bowl winning teams and was with the Oakland Raiders in the Al Davis days. His take on why the Patriots work is great. It actually came from something Bill Walsh said something to the effect of "If no one is thinking differently no one is thinking." Which is a version of Benjamin Franklin's "If we all think alike no one is thinking", Check out the full interview below.


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