The week leading up to the Super Bowl can be what makes or breaks a team on the way to the Big Game. Patriots' quarterback Tom Brady is no stranger to the distractions. Tonight will be Brady's ninth opening night/media night. Could it be his last?

Tom Brady's list of achievements is about a mile long and like it or not it makes him the GOAT. Yeah, I said it! Brady's records include Most games won by a quarterback with 232, Most Super Bowl wins by a quarterback with 5, Most Super Bowl MVP awards with 4 oh and most Super Bowl appearances with 9 after this Sunday. So here's the this his last one?

I know we've been asking this question forever now but I feel like this one might really be it. I mean how old can you be and still play at MVP level? Brady will be 42 next season and Gronk will most likely be gone. Let's say Brady has two more "Brady caliber" seasons left, who else will still be on the team? Everyone predicts the end of the Brady and Belichick era so I'm going to shoot my shot and say enjoy this one kids because it's the last one.

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