As soon as I saw a story claiming that undisclosed sources say New York Mets first baseman Ike Davis could be traded, the red flag went up. Being the Mets fan I am, I checked it out. To no surprise it takes shots at Ike's "coachabilty" and Ike's "party life."

Right away I smelled a rat. All of a sudden the Mets have concerns about Ike's character? Then, putting two and two together, it told me it is near time Ike gets paid. This means, for the ownership group, using their influence in the media, it's time to belittle the first baseman.

Let's be honest with ourselves, Mets fans. Our ownership, which I defended through the Bernie Madoff mess, is cheap. It seems Fred Wilpon would be better suited to run the Kansas City Royals then a big market team.

The Mets way is to jam a player in a new position rather then go deal for or sign a player that plays the position. (Example: They are talking about moving Justin Turner to the outfield even though he has never played the outfield.)

Wilpon and company, including hapless General Manager Sandy Alderson should be ashamed. When it was well past time to get a relief pitcher that had a clue to keep the Mets in the chase, this group of has beens didn't. Now the Mets are falling apart again. Their second half record at home is a pathetic 4-24 which is on pace to break the second half home record of futility set by, of course, the Mets in 1979.

Now the Mets have shut down Matt Harvey for the year. Why not, the team is abysmal, so it is smart not to risk anything.

The Mets have a chance to be decent just based on their young pitchers, if Johan Santana is healthy and R.A. Dickey even comes close to this season's numbers. But, seriously, what Mets fan has faith this ownership will support that with some good bullpen help and some new position players? I don't!

Back to Davis. So he is not coachable. Since when? He won't finish the season with great numbers batting average wise, but his power and RBI numbers will be solid and he has raised his average from around .140 in May to around .225 now. Not great, but up around 80 points when raising your average at all is tough.

The GUTLESS unnamed sources also planted for the Mets that Ike is a "party animal." Really?  Hey, last time we won a World Series we had roster full of party animals, so maybe that's okay. I do not hang out with Ike so I can't say what his habits are for sure, but if he hits the way he has and likes to hang at night but gets his rest for the next day's game, then have a good time, Ike. Wait, Wilpon is worried about character? Hey Freddy, how is the character of your guy Madoff?

It is closer to getting paid time as Davis' contract ends after next season. In fact, the only player on the roster with a contract longer then 2013 is Jonathan Niese. If I am David Wright I want out of this mess. The Mets want to run their ball club like the Pirates or some other "small market" team while the Yankees keep playing in the post season.

It is a tough time to be a Mets fan right now, but hasn't that been the case for the most part in the last decade? I wish I had more "bad" guys like Ike Davis on this team. The Mets would rather keep the good guys like Jason Bay!!!!

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