He's only been here for a couple of days, but he's already realizing what his new teammates are all about.

It was just a little less than two weeks ago now that the Buffalo Sabres sent Casey Mittelstadt to Colorado in exchange for Bowen Byram.  Now, as Byram gets to know his fellow teammates, he's learning about how good the Sabres could really be.

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Byram was Mic'd Up against Edmonton

Byram was "Mic'd Up" for a recent game against the Edmonton Oilers.  In the 6-minute long video, you get to know a little bit more about the player that the Sabres just added to the roster, including his admiration for his new teammates.

Byram was bragging about Rasmus Dahlin

Another thing that stands out is how in awe he was about the shape that Rasmus Dahlin is in.  At one point he just leans over to Tage Thompson and says, "Dude, Dahls never breathes hard!"

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That's when Thompson starts to explain just how in shape Dahlin is.  He claims that he'll play a whole 30 minutes for that game and never break a sweat.  He says that during camp they do a bike test that seems to kill everyone else.  They all end up laying on the ground for like 15 minutes after it's over, but Dahlin is up and walking around as soon as it's over.

The Sabres are still on the outside looking in for the playoffs this year

The Sabres are (for the moment) not going to be in the playoffs this year.  There's still a chance though.  They're just a couple of points away from the last spot.  What seemed concerning, is that Byram is the only one talking on that bench.  Granted, the entire video is focused on him, so it will seem that way, but it really just feels like the rest of the team is just going through the motions.  No one is really chirping at anyone else.  No one is cheering anyone else on.  They're just sitting there.

The Sabres still have some work to do if they want to break the drought.  They've got a 5% chance as it stands right now to make it into the post season.  They take on the Seattle Kracken tonight (3/18) at 10pm.

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