The "13 seconds" game is another one of those nightmare moments in Buffalo sports history.  Now, Jordan Poyer said what he thinks went wrong.

It's another one of those nightmare games that will live on in Buffalo sports fans' minds forever.  What would have happened if they were able to hold the Chiefs for just 13 more seconds?  Would that have been the year that the Bills won the Super Bowl?

What was the "13 seconds game?"

Some think it might be one of the best playoff games the NFL has ever seen (and will ever see again).  The Buffalo Bills were taking on the Kansas City Chiefs in the divisional round of the 2021 NFL playoffs.  With a scoring frenzy in the last couple of minutes of the game, the Bills were up 36-33 with just :13 seconds left on the clock.  After the Bills kicked the ball into the endzone, the Chiefs began their drive.  They were able to drive the field and get a field goal to tie it up.  That sent the game to overtime and the Bills never saw the ball again.  It ended their season and left fans wondering why this franchise is so cursed.

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Jordan Poyer spoke about what he thought happened

Recently, Jordan Poyer, who was on the team at the time of the game, was on a podcast where he was asked about that game.

Poyer has very little reason to hold back now.  He is no longer with the Bills after signing a new deal with Miami in the offseason.  But some of his statements are still a little eye opening.

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"They were just way better than us in that time, in that moment"

There's no question that the Chiefs were better than the Bills in that moment.  They were able to do what very few teams would be able to do.  To drive a field for a game tying field goal is impressive.  With :13 left, it's as close to a miracle as you can get on a football field.

"To be honest it might not have even been good enough to beat one of the top college teams at that time."

If he's talking about the defense in that last :13 seconds, no one is going to argue.  But that offense was one of the best we've seen in a long time that year.  This one was the most eye opening statement to me.

Jordan wasn't wrong

The statements may have been hard for Bills fans to hear, but they weren't wrong.  And you have to give him credit for NOT throwing his former coaches and teammates under the bus..  He easily could have said that it was one person that screwed it up but he didn't.  He owned his share of blame and said there was plenty of it to go around.

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