A recent study measured every state in the country based on how safe its employees are each day while on the job. The study weighed factors including number of fatalities in the workplace, the cost of health insurance and more when determining each state's cumulative level of safety for its workers.

Here's what we learned about New York, and other states, based on the information shared by Protex.

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Of the 42 states that were included in this study (appropriate data was not available for the other eight states), New York is the 29th-most dangerous state for workers in the country. If you flip that ranking around, it means that New York is also the 14th-safest state in the union.

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Oregon has been ranked as the most dangerous state for workers in the country, with Vermont coming in 2nd on this inauspicious list. On the other end of the spectrum, Maryland was determined to be the safest state for workers.

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Here is the specific data that led New York to earn spot No. 29 on the list:

  • Workplace Fatalities per 100,000 Workers: 2.59
  • Nonfatal Work Injuries and Illnesses per 100 Full-Time Workers: 2.3
  • Cost of Living Index: 125.1
  • Crime Rate Index: 3,185
  • Healthcare Insurance Cost: $873
  • High Unemployment Rate: 4.5

That data was distilled down to a final score from every state, and New York's final figure was 37.54.

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Maine was ranked as the 6th-most dangerous state in this study. New Jersey and Massachusetts, meanwhile, were considered the 5th and 6th-safest states in the country.

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