When a trend starts to get noticed and it becomes a good money making opportunity for the right business. Here in New York State, there is one trend that has become very popular and for some, expensive.

The spring is here and that means it is prom and graduation season! If you haven't locked down your date for the prom, or reserved the table for graduation dinner, it may be getting too late!

As far as prom season goes, the time is now to get your plan together for the ever popular promposal. You can't just ask someone to be your date. You have to go all out and make it a scene and something to share on your social media accounts!


How much are you willing to spend on that promposal? If you are a parent of a teenager or high schooler, what are you willing to pay for? For kids in New York City, $250 seems to be the going rate.

According to reports, The Empire State Building "Guests who purchase the Promposal Ticket will have the ability to use the PROM letters and have a marked off private corner of the 86th floor Observatory to prompose- and can also enjoy complimentary sparkling cider to celebrate their “yes!”. Once they’ve had their special moment, guests will make their way up to the 102nd Floor Observatory -- included with every ticket -- to take in incredible 360-degree views of New York City after sunset".

This is a rare and unique opportunity and I can easily see more buildings and locations getting in on the promposal money action.

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