It is almost time for the Albany Firebirds to make their return back to the Capital Region.  The old logo and name is back and at the perfect time for arena football fans here in Albany.  After everything that happened with Antonio Brown and the Albany Empire, the fans are owed a new team with new great ownership and great players.  Below is my quick take on this as seen in the Times Union:
When the Albany Firebirds open a new season on Saturday April 27th it will open with a breath of fresh air. A new ownership group without the turmoil of Antonio Brown will set the stage for a new beginning but with the old but extremely popular name of the Firebirds back it’s also a trip down memory lane and a return to the good old days. Head coach Damon Ware has a team that can win the Championship starting with an opening game matchup against longtime rival Orlando at MVP Arena. Let’s hope this season marks the return of a fan base that will fill up MVP Arena because the Capital Region when it done the right way on and off the field supports Arena Football.  Can’t wait for kickoff.
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Sunrise over Downtown Albany across Hudson River, New York.
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I hope the crowds are awesome and rocking like they used to be in the golden years and glory days.  The MVP Arena already hosts some great teams around here and I'm so excited to cover this team here moving forward.  I expect a very good season under head coach Damon Ware.

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