He wasn't here for long, but he was here. TMZ has obtained video of a fight that ended up with the former University of Texas star lying unconscious on the floor.

There is video of a scuffle that allegedly ended with former NFL quarterback Vince Young getting knocked unconscious at a bar.

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The original poster claims that the fight happened in a bar in Texas but it doesn't say when.  In the two-minute-long video, you can see a group of men face to face in a large group when a little pushing starts.  As more people jump in the middle to try to break the fight up, a drink gets thrown.


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Keep an eye on the big guy in the hoodie

The guy that was standing next to Young at the beginning of the video appears to begin walking away with a drink in his hand but then as the fight starts to amp up, he comes back to get in the middle of it.  That's where the drink came from.  Shortly after the drink is thrown, the guy in the hoodie starts taking punches from the person that it appears was originally in the argument with Young.

Before the end of the video, the smaller guy that was in the fight with the guy in the hoodie punches Young right in the face which drops him almost immediately.

Unfortunately, there is no context to explain what started the fight in the first place.


Vince Young is a former college standout

Those who watch college football will probably know the name Vince Young.  He was a standout college quarterback at the University of Texas.  He finished second in voting for the Heisman to Reggie Bush and was chosen third overall in the 2006 NFL Draft.

His time in the NFL was brief

His time in the NFL started hot with trips to the Pro-Bowl and being named the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year.  However, while many thought he would be the next big star, he stayed with Tennessee from 2006 to 2010 but then had a hard time staying on a roster.  He was a backup for the Eagles in 2011, then had brief stints with teams like Buffalo, Cleveland, and Green Bay.

He was only with the Bills from May of 2012 until August of 2012.

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