It's Super Bowl week in the NFL, and sadly, no New York teams will be competing for the Lombardi Trophy.

The Buffalo Bills had the best odds to win it all this year, but were eliminated by Cincinnati in the Divisional Round. The Giants and Jets both had breakout seasons, but the Jets failed to make the playoffs, and the Giants' Cinderella story ended with a loss to Philadelphia.

Now, it's the Eagles and the Chiefs competing in Super Bowl LVII, and we're here to give you reasons not only to watch, but to cheer for one of these teams to win it all on Sunday.

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Reasons for New York Sports Fans to Root for Philadelphia This Sunday

Stop laughing, I'm being serious.

The Philadelphia Eagles are the NFC's representative in the Super Bowl this season. Though it may pain some New York sports fans to ever admit this, there are a few good reasons to pull for the Birds to hoist the Lombardi Trophy this weekend.

New York Giants v Philadelphia Eagles
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The Eagles belong to the same division as the New York Giants, and beat the G-Men three times this season. Though each of those losses stung when they happened, in hindsight, that reality allows fans of Big Blue to say they were beaten by the best team in football.

Of course, that can only be said if the Eagles end up victorious.

Now, let's say that reason wasn't valid enough for you to pull for Philadelphia on Sunday. Allow me to persuade you further, by presenting ten reasons why New York fans may actually want the Philadelphia Eagles to be crowned Super Bowl champions.

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