They say you eat with your eyes - and it's not all about the food, but also about a restaurant's look and ambiance. Can you think of a restaurant in Upstate New York that's truly stunning?

Popular foodie publication searched far and wide to find the most beautiful eateries in America. They ended up with a list of 39 restaurants that range from elegant historic spots, to magical courtyards strung with twinkly lights, to colorful dining rooms filled with artworks. based their ranking on genuine user reviews, awards and accolades, and on the opinions of their team.

For New York State, 4 different eateries made the list.

Where Are The Most Beautiful Restaurants In America?

Here's where our New York locations ranked on the list:

33) Peekamoose, Big Indian, New York

Peekamoose Restaurant & Tap Room
Peekamoose Restaurant & Tap Room

Peekamoose is located with the Catskill Mountains and a wild forest preserve on the doorstep:

The restaurant occupies a former farmhouse and is beautifully – and quirkily – curated with vintage furniture, taxidermized animals, wooden shelves fashioned from fallen branches, and wall art made with found objects.

You'll find warm lighting and a menu of seasonal dishes and house-made charcuterie.

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29) Brooklyn Winery, New York City, New York

Brooklyn Winery
Brooklyn Winery

In the heart of Brooklyn’s vibrant Williamsburg district, you'll find the Brooklyn Winery:

Exposed-brick and wood-paneled walls are warmed by soft lighting and decorated with vertical planting and shelves bearing bottles and lamps, while the floor is beautifully tiled in black-and-white mosaics.

Small-batch wines are produced on the site, and visitors can take a tour before settling down to delicious cheese and charcuterie boards and dishes including blackened half-chicken and vegan chili.

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15) Cecconi’s Dumbo, New York City, New York

Cecconi’s Dumbo
Cecconi’s Dumbo

With waterfront views of the Manhattan Skyline, Cecconi’s Dumbo is a modern day classic Italian restaurant open for dinner, as well as Friday lunch, and weekend brunch on Saturday and Sunday:

It’s located in Brooklyn Bridge Park and some tables have views of the dramatic bridge, while others gaze at the Manhattan skyline. It’s tough to compete with that, though striking design details like striped flooring, sparkling crystal chandeliers, and slate-blue leather bar stools give it a good go.

Cecconi’s Dumbo NYC serves hand-made pasta, seafood and dishes from Italy using the finest ingredients.

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8) One if by land, Two if by Sea, New York City, New York

One if by land, Two if by Sea
One if by land, Two if by Sea

One if by Land, Two if by Sea has been recognized for its classic menu, long history, and beautiful decor. It is often cited as the most romantic restaurant in New York City.

Diners are bathed in candlelight with impressive chandeliers hanging overhead, creating a truly special atmosphere. The sumptuous surrounds include navy leather seating, exposed brick walls, a beautiful stained-glass feature window, and stunning flower displays."

Established in 1973, One if by Land, Two if by Sea soon became the go to spot in NYC for engagements, anniversaries and weddings. More people are said to have announced their engagement here than any other restaurant in Manhattan.

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