Every winter it seems that New York State gets hit with what we believe to be historic snowstorms. What are some of New York's highest one-day snowfall amounts? Here's a look by all 62 counties.

In New York State, one day snow amounts can be the extreme. Some of these records have been set since the late 1800's, while others were just shattered within the last few years.

On this list of data below from the National Centers for Environmental Information, you'll see some repeat dates with records. Why? That's because some of these snow storms were so extreme that during their peak, they dropped massive totals over multiple counties across the state.

For example, March 14, 1993 produced the highest one-day snow fall amounts for a handfull of Central New York counties.

One New York county has had a record stand for around 150 years. Kings County (Brooklyn) picked up 27 inches of snow on December 27th of 1872. That record hasn't been beaten, and it doesn't look like it's going away anytime soon. a snowfall total that hasn't been topped.

According to Spectrum, one of the most recent record-setting storms came on March 15th 2017, when Chenango County, Essex County, Hamilton County, Madison County, Otsego County, Tioga County and Broome County all saw record amounts of snowfall when a massive storm hammered Central New York and the Southern Tier.

Here's a look at all 62 counties across New York State, and their records. Keep in mind this story was published on February 25th of 2022. We will update this as snow totals change through the years.

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New York gets hammered with what we believe to be historic snowstorms all the time. What are some of New York's highest one-day snowfall amounts? Here's a look by county thanks to the National Centers for Environmental Information:

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